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Sarah Bracey White, Executive Director. Advisory Board: Linda Beres, Gwen Cort, Margaret Fox, Anne Gordon and Carolyn McNair


Manhattan Avenue BLM Mural Project

    The Arts and Culture Committee is actively involved in the creation of a 2,500 square foot mural under the 287 Expressway where it crosses over Manhattan Avenue in Greenburgh. When completed, this artistic, museum-in-the-streets will celebrate African Americans’ tenacity and accomplishments while addressing the ongoing killing of African Americans by police. The project will include lighting, security cameras, landscaping and wifi access via QR-Codes that will allow viewers to read background information about the people, places and things depicted in the mural. Appropriate lighting will transform a once dark underpass, that young and old travel through on foot and by automobile each day, into a place of inspiration and knowledge.

     Beneath the mural will be a memorial consisting of more than 600 rocks imprinted by school children with the names of unarmed African Americans who have lost their lives from police brutality. The first phase, painting the base rocks in the colors of the Pan African Flag that unites Africans dispersed throughout the world, has been completed. The memorial rocks will be placed atop the painted rocks once the mural is completed. The painting of the mural will begin in spring 2022.

     The Manhattan Avenue Mural Project is the brainchild of Greenburgh community activist Clifton Abrams. It is becoming a reality because of the ongoing work of a committee of dedicated Town of Greenburgh elected officials, employees, and community ministers Rev. Dr. Verlin Williams & Bishop Dr. Wilbert Preston.

           The MAMP is endorsed and supported by the Town of Greenburg

Part I

Some of the banners created by Woodlands High School students that were posted strategically around the Town of Greenburgh!

All Lives Can't Matter Until Black Lives Matter!

Part II

Six hundred rocks were painted by Woodlands Jr./Sr. High School students with the names of unarmed African Americans who have been killed by police officers. They will be placed under the Manhattan Avenue Mural atop a base of red, black and green rocks.

The rocks with the names of 600 unarmed, murdered African Americans will be placed upon this base of rocks painted in the colors of the African Liberation flag.

Part III: The Mural

The first mural wall has been power-washed and primed, and awaits the artists' handiwork!

Part IV: Lanscaping the area around the Mural