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Painting Is My Preference

an exhibit by Ena Edwards


 Second Floor Gallery at Greenburgh Town Hall

My name is Ena Edwards and I'm an 89-year-old resident of Greenburgh. How did I get started doing art, one might ask, after several decades as an accountant at a leading men’s apparel company? Well, after I retired at age 62, my daughter encouraged me to take up a hobby and bought me an art kit. So, I decided to try drawing and painting.

I eventually went to an art class with my samples. The teacher told me that the class would not do me any good because I had natural talent. I'm basically self-taught. I mostly use acrylics, pencils and pastels. I also took some pottery making classes at a senior center. I enjoyed them, but preferred painting over the wheel. 

Creating art was a hobby off and on throughout the years. Then, this year, I decided to get back into it more than I have in the previous years. I also used to do needle work and sewing.

My daughter's appreciation of my art encouraged me to share it with you.

(Samples of work on display at Greenburgh Town Hall)