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Sarah Bracey White, Executive Director. Advisory Board: Kevin Morgan, Town Board Liaison;  Gwen Cort, Carolyn McNair, and Barbara Mohr


On exhibit at the Madeleine Gutman Gallery at Greenburgh Town Hall

The Ordinary Beauty Around Us

a photography exhibit


Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett’s love of photography began when he was stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army, and a friend invited him to come along on a picture-taking expedition. At first, Paul resisted; but, finally, he agreed and was smitten by the adventure. His passion and talent blossomed after he bought his first camera in 1982.

You can see Paul’s love of photography by his inspirational photographs of “ordinary things.” These nature and outdoor pictures call-out to those who appreciate the unexpected joy of nature.

Not only do his images capture the finer details of his subjects (bird, flowers, insects and landscapes), they also capture the beauty of nature and its surroundings.

In this exhibit, Paul’s very first, he has decided to share his talent and spread happiness and relaxation with his viewers.

To see more of his photographs, or arrange to purchase one, visit Paul on the web at