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Auxillary Gallery - I

Greenburgh Town Hall


Kevin Veal's

"Portraits of Beauty"

Kevin Veal (aka M.C. - a nickname that stands for Master of Creativity) was born in Mt Vernon NY. He attended Mt. Vernon High where his talent was first recognized, and he was placed in advanced art classes. After graduation in 1992, he attended Bronx Community College where he majored in graphic design.

Artist’s statement:

All of my paintings and drawings are designed and created with poetic expressions (I’m a poet as well as an artist).  I invite the viewer to visualize the story behind each piece. My intent is for my art to serve as an inspiration for humanity - especially underprivileged children - so they can follow their hearts and accomplish their goals and dreams despite whatever circumstances life may seem to throw their way!

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"Deep Seeing"

Lady in Red

Miles Davis Blues

Ray Charles