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Auxillary Gallery - I


“Moments of a Life”

An exhibit by

Myrna Kcomt

August 18th - October 18th, 2021


My name is Myrna Kcomt.  I am a pediatric and general anesthesiologist at New York Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville, NY.  I started learning oil painting more than 12 years ago. It was something I always wanted to learn, and I fell in love with it instantly. As you can see from my paintings, I love colors and bold strokes.  I think that oil painting is such a beautiful medium in which to express yourself. It is forgiving, and with each stroke you can build more and more over it.

The name of this exhibit, “Moments of a Life,” was chosen because I have been painting these pictures during the almost two years of this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Each painting represents a different state of mind - from the painting of the pure smiles of children in the Andes of Peru to the latest painting of a man bending over in utter exhaustion.


"Self Portrait"


"A Lazy Evening"



"A Stroll in Cuzco"